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Enterprise Protection at its finest!

Licensify is powerful, easy to use and got unique features. Easy to integrate in your application.
Stay on the safe side!

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Atrox.ME TeamSpeak³

"Free For All" TeamSpeak without useless rules.

Fully encrypted text/voice chat and without logs. Create your own channels and customize them as you like.

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Private Community about FPS & Strategy Games

Community is everything. Focus on the important parts. Friendly and active.
It's all about fun and winning!

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Website Under Construction

This page is still work in progress!

If interested, check out our services above.
Also visit us on our public™ TeamSpeak Server, we would love to see you there!

Mobile Apps:
1Liner: Daily notifications with topics of your choice
Bouncing Bird: Very hard arcade game with new mechanics

Social Things:
Keybase, GitHub,, Twitter

Atrox.ME TeamSpeak³

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